How it Works

You have a smart phone with GPS and camera. Your favorite consumer goods companies need local information that you can find for them. Zapiddy pays you to provide this information via your phone as you shop. Here's how easy it is:

Download the app and create a free account.

Download Zapiddy for free from the iTunes App Store. Once you've downloaded the app, create your free user account. It takes just a minute.

Find and complete a job near you.

Click on the magnifying glass to see what jobs are available in your area. You may be asked to answer a few questions, check the price of a particular product, or take a photo of a product in a store.

Make money for yourself and for a great cause.

Each time you complete a job, you can raise money for your local Children's Miracle Network hospital.

Currently, Zapiddy is available on the iphone and ipad. You'll earn from $2 to $10, depending on the complexity of the job. Available jobs will change on a daily basis, so check in often to see what opportunities are in your area.

Once you complete a job, your submission may go through a brief approval process. Once your work is approved, we'll pay you via PayPal.

In order to be eligible for location-based jobs, your phone must have its GPS enabled while you're completing the job.

Zapiddy will be activating accounts on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the number of jobs available in a given area. The sooner you create an account, the sooner you'll have access to the jobs near you.