About Zapiddy

Zapiddy is the first iPhone app that pays consumers to complete jobs while supporting non-profit organizations in their efforts to do good.

In addition to paying our members with real money as soon as a job is completed, Zapiddy supports multiple non-profit organizations, allowing our members to link their profile to one of several groups including Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and Enactus then directing a charitable contribution from Zapiddy (it will NOT be net out of your pay) their way.

Nearly anyone can participate. Simply download the free app, create an account, choose which charity you want Zapiddy to support on your behalf, and get started earning money.

Getting Started is Simple

  1. Our customers create jobs and post them to the Zapiddy site.
  2. Members (that's you) are notified of new jobs as they are posted.
  3. When a member initiates a job, their location will be verified (if the job requires it) and they will have a defined period of time to complete it.
  4. Once the job is successfully completed, funds will be transferred to the member's PayPal account.
  5. At the end of each month, Zapiddy will make a contribution to each affiliated non-profit based on the total revenue we earn.


Examples of Jobs

Most jobs can be completed from everyday locations where you are already spending your time. Jobs vary, and include requests for the gathering of information and providing opinions.

One job might include a price check of an item or a request from a retailer to rate the service received at their checkouts. Another might ask for verification that a demonstration has taken place during a specific period of time. Others still might ask you to view two different television commercials and choose your favorite. Compensation Most of our jobs will pay you between $2 and $15.

You must have an active PayPal account to participate, as we will be directing your pay to that account as the jobs are completed. System Requirements Many (but not all) of our jobs will require location verification (GPS function enabled) and a photograph.