Use your phone for good

Make money. Make a difference.

Use your phone to provide companies with local information that they need. They'll pay you, and you can raise money for a great cause at the same time.

Simply download the free app and see where
you can help. Start earning money today.

Zapiddy iPhone App

Welcome to Zapiddy!

Zapiddy is the only app that brings you together with companies and charities. It's win-win-win.

Support Charity

Each time you help with a job,
we'll donate money to charities
including Children's Miracle Network.

Make Money While You Shop

Companies need to know things like how their products look in stores — local information you can report with your smart phone from places you already planned to visit. The companies will pay you for your help.

Zapiddy works with iPhone 3GS and newer and iPad 2nd generation and newer with cellular plan running iOS 5.0 and newer.

Create an account after you download the app (so that we can pay your for your Zapping).